I need help with my lasers how do i do this

i only want the lasers to be on when a player buys something from a vending machine and i dont want it to damage the player who activates them

I dont think there is a way to make it so the player who bought them doesn’t get damaged

Lasers were coded to damage the [PLAYER] when they touch the red beam


when vending machine bought send 2 signals, 1st, turns lasers on (its on the laser device) 2. switch player to team, and then make zone around lasers, and when player enters zone->wire repeater and if player is on team->health granter. or just put a teleporter one team can access (and that team is person who bought the thing from vending machine)


could also make it so that when the player of a specific team enters the zone, it could just turn off the laser in general, then when they leave zone; it gets turned back on.

how do i do the switch player to team

… team switcher device