I need help with my idea

I was wondering if it was possible to make it so that one team can see how many knockouts they have inflicted to others and have been inflicted on by others

umm ig a relay and a counter

umm how would I code those?

wait so u wanna see how much kills your team got or what?

Player Knocks Out → Grant Item?


ii wanna see how many knockouts a team has given
and I wanna see another one with how many knockouts they have given (or times they have respawned)

ok so u wanna get a life cycle and a relay and a count then to the lifecycle u put knocked out then connect it to the relay on whatever team u want then connect to the counter

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But make the counter update a property, more like THE property that the leaderboard tracks, so you can look there.

Then use a system like the one I described, then connect a game overlay to the granted item.


Even better, make it grant an item so you can easily display it with a game overlay.


Or you could display a property there I think, but it would require blocks.

Yeah, it would. If it didn’t require blocks, you shouldn’t use them.

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how would I do that (I’m not a real whiz with properties)

Would it be better to use items though? I just feel that you’d need to be really clear on what those are for. And I’m thinking of just simplicity to understand for the players.

You keep the original system we’ve been talking about, but make the counter update a property. That property is going to be displayed through blocks on the game overlay. With the create text with block, and the get property, and that property, you can show how many times you’ve tagged or been tagged. I might need to show the block code later because I’m in class. (If you can figure this out without me posting the entire block code please mark a solution)

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I mean, if you’re willing to save a bunch of memory for a little extra explanation, then sure!

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