I need help with my farm AGAIN!

So for everyone that doesn’t know I am building a farm and I need ideas for what to add to it.
I have an update for the ones that have been following this process and here is a pic update:

Anyhoo does anybody have ideas?
Also Proper walls and roof are to be coming this upcoming week!

Here is my other post:

I like the use of emoji for the cows! Maybe add invisible barriers under them so that people cant just walk through them

Did you have to make another topic?

Ok gotcha.
I will do that rn.

Like that?
I made it so that visible during game is off.

i needed that text device :skull:
anyways, i see where you can make some things 3d and you could possibly use space trash (the roofy variation) on top of the barn for a roof

Ok, I see what you mean!

If you are not busy and have an account:
Go here and I am posting my game in the Code Sharing Group.

sorry, blocked
can you maybe try changing the space trash to a brown-like color and make bigger ones than lots of props with small sizes?

  • try using fences, not those railings
  • you need farm plots, so use a crafting table or this if you want a challenge
  • more animals are needed
  • add some more plants like flowers to make it “alive”
  1. Ok I will look into it!
  2. Yep that is one of my goals. Due to me just starting like a few days ago I am still working on it.
  3. Yes I very much agree with that lol!
  4. Yep I am also very good at that just haven’t had time.
    In conclusion thank you so much for your tips they are going to help a lot more once I get actually started with building

That’s alright :slight_smile:
The issue is that the left side is actually good looking but the right side I did flip on the space junk and it just looks wrong.

I will also try ur idea.