I need help with my facility map for chase bots

Screenshot 2024-05-03 9.03.50 AM

I Can Help You With That

ok what is the idea???

That’s what I would like to ask you.

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So Your Doing Chase Robots I Know Some Stuff about Robots But Have You done the wires Or no

its a escape game!!!

could you use sentrys for robots

what do you mean by chase robots

this is like a team game, one is the chasebot team, one is the escaper team


no sentrys can’t teleport nor can you really animate them

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@WolfTechnology I Need Your Help wait ur here nvm

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oh i didnt know that im not realy that good at making games

make traps. There are quite a few guides on that as well.

your good, to make a thing chase you would use zone animation on enter zone spawn prop. Or a sentry but they take a lot of memory and would not be efficiant.

im trying to make trap doors for escape teams to use to trap a chasebot team player