I need help with my dungeon crawler

I was playing dungeon crawler and realized that the health regenerator only works for the host. I need to make it to where it heals all players over time, and not just the host. Here’s the link to the guide that I followed:

I’m thinking the health granter is the problem, because it only heals the triggering player. Is there
anyway to fix that?

add a relay that relays to all players
repeater → relay(set to all players) → health granter

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My bad, this is the actual guide I used. Wrong link.

What guide?

Scroll up on the topic

yeah, use a relay wired to the repeater wired to the health granter.

let me test that out real quick. If it works, I’ll mark solution

It didn’t work @GimSolver

Nevermind, it worked

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Finally, I got 100 Solutions!

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Please don’t get off topic.


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