I need help with my dnd map

plz i need help with my dnd map

You cant post codes here, but you can post them in the wix!

Here’s a link: https://gimkitcreative.wixsite.com/game-sharing

Users never fail to provide absolutely zero information on what they want help with.
What’s “dnd”?

dungines and dragons

wich one do i go into c-c?

and i need ideas please

:0 u never heard of dungeons and dwagons???
it´s the ultimate roleplaying board game
it´s also an online game and a movie!

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No, never heard of that.
It is pretty necessary for users to provide as much information & context on what they want help with.

wich site do i go to?

once you’re in the wix, you go to code sharing and paste your code in there

in simple words that try to explain the complicated game
you roll stats on your character which can be any race (lizard folk,foxfolk, dragon,etc)
and there´s a role called the dungeon master which is the one who tells the story and is ultimately the god of the story
during certain actions you can roll and that will determine how well you do
but seeing as you would have to create an ai story teller this is technically not possible
whilst the dice is just possible via randomizer it´s kinda like a turn based game
but i dont understand much about it im just beginning it

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:nerd_face: actually its dungeons and dragons

Anyways you need to make rolling mechanics so when you are in a attacking area you go into battle mode then when turn if you step on trigger it activated code which then makes if something is 1-20 then do something damage and changes for your weapon, also you would not actually need any items and you need barriers around all sentry’s. ou need to make many different routes that are almost AI but all go back to around 2-3 different story lines, but make tones of different endings. Also you NEED really cool art to make it look cool and I would suggest regular not 2d you would usually need 3 levels so trees block view or something and will need hidden secrets.

Sorry of the typos.

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