I need help with my battle game with teams, and item drop

hey, bluebird i need some hellp again, can u let me access the padlet

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i gave you access already. not sure if you can type there. (but what do you need help with, and what is your padlet name) also sorry for replying late, you would had to ping me, then I would have gotten a notification

pinging?.. This text will be blurred

You can use lower case letters inside <> to use extra characters that are invisible :smiley:

i was wondering if u could help me with the spawning in the jail, it won’t work, also, my padlet name is Dustin please don’t click blur unless u r bluebird291

ok, i’ve tried that, it doesn’t work, hang on, i’ma reply again and see if it works, also, do i just do it in the middle or what?

in between the <> make sure there is ONLY LOWERCASE letters like this: < ehifhiehfiehi > except without spaces

let me try :

oh, it dissappeared, thank you @Kosm0-o

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like, you want every player to spawn in jail? or a specific team sorry I missed the link it got to late

u r good bluebird291, i put gimkit link in padlet anyone really, i just need them to spawn in jail until somebody on their team comes to let them out, or a timer sets them free (which will be based on knockouts)

so you want when player gets knocked out, they spawn in jail?


go to the padlet

ok, i’m in

Need any more help? If not, could you please say so? Thank you for your time.

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