I need help with my battle game with teams, and item drop

in my battle game, i want the players to be split into only two teams, also, when a player gets tagged or knocked out, i want them to drop something for the player that knocked tehm out or tagged them to pick up

You can go to the map settings for the teams.
Use a lifecycle and an item granter to grant the player an item.

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have spawn pads for one team for spawning

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go to map settings. pick split evenly and teams. use a ko manager and go to its drop settings

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You can use the knockout manager for this.

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ok, i have 2 things to try here, one sec, also, thanks everyone

also, one more thing, i need help with how to make it to where a notification is only sent if a certain player moves into the zone, any suggestions?

Use a property to set the specific player. Then wire a trigger to the zone. Make a block using this code:

I will leave the way you setup the specific player to you, but if you just want it to be a random player, use a relay.

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how do u get javascrpt in gim tho?

i never understood it

evenn i can answer that, some devices have the option “blocks” on the side of the normal options, and then it pulls up a setup similar to scratch.

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for the zone notifcation do this,

wire the zone to the notification, players enter zone, run wire pulse block, and then open block code and create a wire pulse block, and try doing this, you can customized however you want

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i need it to be team specific
that way when u spawn in base at beginning of game, it doesn’t send notification right away

add a trigger on top of the spawn pad that updates a player’s team property. for example 2 properties, team 1 and team 2, when the player spawns on that team the trigger triggers setting triggering player to the property team 1 and so the blocks check to see which team the players is on. or you could use starting items and checker

@Dustie-Bunns so if you dont want team 1 to trigger it, add a life cycle wired to a relay (make the relay audience specific team, then put the team you don’t want the ability to trigger it), and wire the relay to the zone, relay trigger > deactivate zone

am i aloud to give u code to gimkit?, because this doesn’t make sense

on a padlet, let me get a link

@Dustie-Bunns Game stuff (padlet.com) go under live codes

since its been a while i might hop off @Dustie-Bunns

This Is Good…