I need help with my arcade

so my arcade is bigger than it has to be, and there is not a lot in there. pls help! (i need more things is what i’m saying)

try adding like a dance pad

i have

Use props in a fun and unique way to add like a food area?

any more ideas?

Corn maze in the back…

Or some kind of maze. Corn don’t fit the theme…

i already have a corn maze though

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Well, add like a laser battle room?

it might take a little time for me to respond after this response becuase i’m doing things

that might work, with like sentry and you have to blast them?

No. PvP. You could make zones that give an item at the entrance and a zone that takes it back at the exit.

nice idea

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If it was Player vs. AI, you would have to do a respawn pretty quickly for the sentry because of the amount of people that might go through. And maybe if it is Player vs AI, you could put a barrier that activates when you enter for one player laser battles?

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that could work

How good of a builder are you on a scale of 1-10? Just need to know if I could help you with that or if you got this…

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i would say 8 maybe, and I can do this, thanks though

i’m not new to this

Ok. I don’t know the community yet, and this is one step close. Glad I could help here!

yep :slight_smile: