I need help with my Among Us game!

So I made an Among Us game called AmonGims, but I need to make it so the game ends when the Imposter is killed, and I have no idea how! I need help pls! :disappointed:

Look under among-us

Check this out:

All u need for ur map

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I’m not sure, it’s a long list to look through, could I get a specific solution?


Thanks @raeB for the screenshot

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lemme try it real quick…

It didnt work. Heres what I had.

You switched the imposter to team 2 right?

Yeah the impostor is team 2.

Oh, replace the triggering player’s team number block with the knocked player’s team number block. The triggering player is the one who kills the other.

ill try that then (:

It still didnt work ;-;

You’re welcome! Glad I could help in some way!

Since you made it, could you tell me what to do? Cuz it still doesn’t work…

Make a live player counter for the imposter team. Use the repeater in it to connect to a checker. Check if the property (number of impostors) equals zero. If so, end game.

I could help if you just tell me what to do.

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