I need help with if you die you don't spawn back on a spawn pad but you teleport into an endless hallay

Im getting mad because I don’t know how

Lifecycle → relay (allplayers) → activate checkpoint

Put the checkpoint in the hallway

but it keeps teleporting me back into the map and not hallway

You have to use channels. From the relay.

How are you using teleporters?

as if you get the riddle wrong in the hallway you teleport to one of the 4

what is the endless hallway used for? if it’s just used for like a graveyard/knockout lobby then just switch team to spectators

basically a knockout lobby and you reach the end of the hallway and teleport back 10 times the you answer a riddle if you answer it wrong then you have to do it all over again

its a punishment hallway

yeah I’ma make a waypoint to where it says shamed person whenever you in it

you shall be trapped for eternity… in a hallway!

MWAH HAW HA! :smiling_imp:

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if you don’t get the riddle right anyways

yep hes forcing me to test the hallway

on his map

yes it is my map

I honestly just need help

welcome, @AllFather_ofDeath ! (Checked ur bio)

what do you mean (checked ur bio)

he looked at your bio

hhhhmmmm well ok then

Try TorontoBulls1’s solution, it works. I don’t see how it couldn’t work.

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