I need help with hide and seek tag map ideas

@ModerateCape86 Can you help, anyone else can give ideas as well.

a maze could shake it up

well @LEPRECON2024 you could look at other maps for ideas

There is already a maze, there are 10 “maps.”

okay sorry my idea wasn’t very helpful

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I have, thats why i asked @ModerateCape86 Because they are the reason why im making this, Keep away.

Your ok, it was helpfull, it was a smart idea, i just already thought it.

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You could module a map off the gimkit forums? So people can hide behind various “posts” and stuff and would lead to a interesting map structure. You could use zones make it interesting.

Try A Dungeon. I Would Have Made A Dungeon If The Dungeon Terrain Was Released While Building Keep Away.

…I messed up…
I just deleted the map i had…
Can you help me remake it?
my bad.

whomp whomp. Sure.
Any Changes You Want To Make From The Original/Mine?

No, we can i guess do a collab to make part 2?
Imma post the c0de in archives.

Sure! Ok

Though I Want To Incorporate Some 3d Terrain This Time

Ok, thats fine with me.

When will you be able to do the map again?

A maze where you can throws bombs to slow down people

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