I need help with ending game

I am trying to make it so a counter tracks all the crewmates, which there is 3 teams for each crewmate ( so 3 crewmates, team 1,3,4) team 2 is an imposter so basically when the tracker shows 0 crewmates are left, it ends the game. But it doesn’t track imposters, and yes I have a tag zone.

So you need the tracker to track the imposter, or do you need to end the game when the imposter ends?

I need the game to end when all crewmates are dead.

Have you already make a system that tracks the amount of crewmates?

I made one but I’m not sure if it works I made a life relay: player knocked out, than wired it to a counter ( starting 4, target 1 ) so when player knocked out, decrease counter, when target reached end game!

Wait what do you mean by life relay?

I mean’t life cycle, sorry

Yeah, that should work. Do you need a system like that but for the imposter?

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Well I’m gonna make sure it works real quick, but I don’t think I will need one for imposters. Thank you so much for your help and time NavyCatZ

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