I need Help With Cookie Clicker please!

Hello Forum!
Its me LEPRECON2024, I just changed my name since my last account got hacked.
Im trying to re-create Cookie GimClicker (@WhereIsMyHat @Seven_Seas )
We all made it, but i found ways to make it easier, i just need ideas on mechanics, and design ideas, if you guys i tagged, or anyone else could help, that would be AWESOME!


@Gimkit101 Could you help with ideas?

W pfp. Use barrier at with a chocolate chip in the middle and text saying cookies amount

welcome to the form here you can ask for help and give others help go check out the community guide for more information

Oooh, good idea, could work, Thank You!

yes… i know, this isnt my first time around, just had to make a new account bc my old one got hacked./

Sure! I remember when the OG @LEPRECON2024 made Gimclicker. I reviewed it on my blog.

Are you asking how to make a cookie or a system for counting cookies? :thinking:

Also, aren’t alts illegal?

Also, while I’m fine being pinged, many other people might not like being pinged out of nowhere. Next time, just let people find your post. :smile_cat:

Well mine got hacked so i dont think so…
and no, im just looking for game ideas to make it better!



What do u mean? :laughing:

Maybe add some ncps to talk to? :thinking:

Ok, NPC’s could make it better…
Good thoughts.
And i just meant i havent talked to you in a while, thats all!

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Oh, okay. That makes sense in retrospect. LOL :smile_cat:

totally unnecessary…no advertising

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Use a game overlay as the “cookie”, because you can click as fast as you can on it without any limitations, unlike popup call to actions and buttons.

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Let me say that @Rundw02 has made one before. He could help.

He made actual cookie clicker, with upgrades

Oops. I wasn’t trying to advertise, sorry - I took down the whole blog, so idc.

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Welcome Back @Deku! I’m sorry your account got hacked. *Please review the forum-beginners for reference if you need any help! (Just a joke)


Actually it’s this guys How to make a clicker game! Difficulty 9/10 [ 🟥 ] WIP ish