I need help with capture the flag and making it so that the first player doesn't win every time

I’ve been working on a complex capture the flag game but I can’t make it so the other team will win when they get the flag…

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Uh so care to elaborate a bit?

Do you have it so when you take the flag it sends the signal?

I have it for the first 2 channels which I think are the only ones that will help

I think they need to make it so that when the flag is taken it sends a signal and it triggers a game end device but before that it sends a signal to another device that makes the team that took the flag’s score go up.

I could give you the code and see if you can fix the flags

ok i will try to do that and see if it works ig

ok thanks and sending the code will help

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you arent allowed codes
go to the wixsite

yea please don’t send codes please read the FAQ and the wixsite above⬆

so i don’t know the widget needed

have you tried searchnig for the solution in the top right corner?

Codes aren’t allowed. Please delete that message.

yes i already did 300 times

Try now I added a device.

ok i will try now to do it

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please leave if you are not going to help with my project

That’s insanely rude. Worry about yourself.

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