I need help with barriers.(Team problems)

I have a barrier that is activated for team 2, but not team 1, i need it so if a person on team 2 has a gold key, it will deactivate FOR THAT PERSON. thanks, mattnosport

Set activate/deactivate scope to team.

use an infinity checker to check if you have a gold key
check passes > deactivate barrier
set the barrier scope to player

i need it on ‘scope team’ so it will only show for team 2 through

player scope is what you want if you want it to only deactivate for that one player

although, would it work if i gave evrybody on team 1 a gold key at the game start? and set scope to player

just use a relay and lifecycle on team start set to team 1 meant to deactivate the barrier

i know, but team 1 does not see this barrier and inorder for that to work(at least the way i did it) it needed to be at scope team

you need a player scope and a relay

ok, i know what i need to do now. you get solution

*your idea will be tweaked

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