I need help with an item granter and a button plssssss

I have a Button behind a Filing Cabinet that the player has to search to get a Shield Can, but how do I make it to where they can only get one shield can and can’t keep pressing the button?

use channels
button pressed > deactivate button


Make it so that when the shield can is given, it deactivates the button.

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How do I do that?

You could have it so that when it is pressed, it sends a message on a channel that also grants the item and then deactivates the button.

Such as, Button pressed < broadcast message on channel *Item*
And then, Deactivate button when receiving on channel *Item*.

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When the button is pressed----->activate trigger; trigger activated------->deactivate button
I just made it in it’s simplest form.

If you don’t want to do that, you could also use a counter.

  • Button pressed < increment counter.
  • The counter will have a target of one.
  • Then, with the counter.
  • Target value reached < grant item.
  • Target value reached < deactivate button.

Wire the button to a wire repeater, and wire the wire repeater back to the button, so when the button is pressed, the wire repreater deactivates it.

Use a wire repeater, Button pressed → (WIRE REPEATER). (WIRE REPEATER) → deactivate button. Next time, use the tutorial.

Yup. It worked. Thank ya’ll.


If you did this you could step on the trigger.

You meant @reed the tutorial, right?

Hide the trigger and make it invisible.

You could still walk on it an accidentally deactivate the button, the wire repeater strategy i listed is better.

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