I need help with an inventory problem

When ever I buy something it doesn’t show in my inventory but is inside my bag
Screenshot 2024-05-01 09.19.53

What is your “bag”?

is this problem about your game, or someone else’s game?

My game and this is my bag
Screenshot 2024-05-01 09.41.42

save your game, and then refresh or close and open a new tab, not sure why that might be happening.

Okay Ill try that. I need 20 characters:)

wdym by needing 20 characters?

Resources do not show on your hot bar. What you are looking at is your inventory. The only things that go on your hot bar are consumables and gadgets.

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thats also true…

You know how when a reply is less than 20 charactars, it does this?

@some_kid yeah just put random words in between these signs <>


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wait really?!

OMG it works!!

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you guys didnt know that? we are getting off-topic so back to topic now

I did know that.

A energy bar is not a consumable?

Why are some words blurred?

It is not. The item is from farm chain, where it is used as a type of currency, which is a resource.

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I think it’s because it’s something that you can’t hold outside of your character

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