I need help with a thumbnail for my Yoshi's Crafted World plz help

but no with him sitting and I gotta see his face plz

You’re going to have to look with a better picture with his face on it cuz I can’t really do much with that trust the process

Yoshi sitting by LiamTheMarowak on DeviantArt

there srry it took so long

u want that in the thumbnail?

no u said u need a better pic of his face so their

this is what i got so far

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br0… yes… this is what i needed just make it a pic plz

ya I think it looks good to but its still missing something any ideas?

ye try to make yoshi look like he’s in gimkit

would this look beter

I think what he means is that he wants Yoshi to look like a gimkit character.

I’ll take that to note thx

All right this is the final one you let me know if you want anything changed

can I mak one? Ill have it by sometime on Saturday depending on how busy I am. can u explain what details u want in it? btw I love yoshi!!!

This is what thay gave me

may the best thumbnail win

@Silver, to make the yoshi gim use this guide:
How to make custom gims for your thumbnail! (4/10 or :yellow_square:)

thx for reaching out to me but I don’t use Canva

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It works with all graphic design programs (I just used canva because it was laying around) Its the same setup

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its the fact that i have parint control so i cant its blocked