I need help with a thumbnail for my map!

yea, also could you make it a jpeg? every time I download something it is a PNG and it won’t let me upload it

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now advertising isn’t allowed but u can put the link in your bio and that way u can have ppl to play it :smiley:

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I will get right to it!

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thanks!, I haven’t been on my account in a while, I will do that!

ok you do that

I’m gonna credit you in the description, should I put it as your forum name? ex. “credit goes to Doge1 for the thumbnail”

It’s fine if you don’t, but if so then yes, please use Doge1 I have to redo it

ok! (also, saw that you got admiral, nice!)

I fixed it, sorry, I didn’t want to give you a thumbnail with my gim in the center. (I didn’t know I have admiral, but thanks!)

thank you so much! I just put it as the thumbnail!

if you guys still wanna make a thumbnail, I’ll check it.

What’s the name of the game?

@Splitzy said it was Time for School

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And yet, I still got pinged. (lol no offense to blizzy, thanks for telling them that I’m a she, I really hate that sometimes, like not just boys play gimkit)

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@Doge1 Thank you so much for the thumbnail. I’m quitting because I’m absolutely tired with these forums but I’ll still be reading messages sometimes.

Yeah, maybe like write ur pronoun right infront of when someone would open ur bio. I do that 2 yet ppl STILL forget

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@sir_lancelot you SUMMONED ME?!!

yes, I summoned you, and now you summoned me.

I thought we finished here…