I need help with a thumbnail for my map!

So, I’m making a map, you lock yourself in your room so you don’t have to go to school. Your friend calls you and he says that the mayor is going to the school. (There are 4 barriers to escape. They are green, purple, blue, and black.) If anyone can help, please!


I’ll make one!

@Splitzy what’s the title of the game?

Time For School (yes, a bit cheesy)

and thank you so much!

I can just imagine the player using every means necessary to break the door down lol


I finished mine except for the title but then my computer died so you have to wait for it @Splitzy sorry

Haha that’s a funny idea @Splitzy also we have the same pfp!

If I was making a thumbnail, I would do something that has to do with the plot of the game, so school themed maybe like a clock with one hand on a home logo, the other on a school logo, and the red hand (seconds) would be pointing up, and around the rim of the clock it could be the games title, time for school.

Apricity, how are you alive? you’re bio says “died” jokes aside it’s time to summon🔮 @MirMirCreates @VoidFluffy @AllFather_ofDeath @Claire_B missing some but the reason I didn’t ping I_like_Props is because she’s got a lot of projects.

I am also a Wof fan, Apricity.


You literally said he. Are you crazy? @I_Like_Props….

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i got better

now back on topic /nbr

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Thanks, that was a close one.(typo)


I have been summoned

I will try to make a demonstration of what I mean

I have been summoned.
on it


here is my logo (you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to)


its great! I’m going to see if anyone else makes one, but I might use this!

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ok one second, I’m going to put a watermark on it for u, would you like me to put it as copyright splitzy, or what?

this was made inside the Gimkit game so its a master peice!!!