I Need Help With a Stranger Things Map

OOOOOH! Thanks! I’ll add that, then I’ll post a pic of what the setup looks like

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Your welcome, let me know if there is anything else i can help you with/on.

ok so here is an example of the gate.


Maybe the game can be like a run from a player game. You might want to add player count though
Player count

Please find somewhere else to chat like the wixsite, as this is off-topic (trying to prevent flags)

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or sentry’s can spanw in as the enemies and be teleported to follow the player.

How is this off-topic? This follows what I was asking: how to make the map! We’re just giving ideas and pics on how to make it!

Agreed, you might want to mark a sollution and create a new post for suggestions, but still chatting is not allowed, but ideas will be.

Oh, come on! Fine…I still don’t know how to get into this wix, though…

Because the problem has already been solved and using this as a group chat will create clutter.

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thats the point, this is a help post and not a suggestion help post.

Here is a link to the wix,

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