I Need Help With A Special Feature In The Gimkit Creative Community Forums

Messaging is a special type of contacting in the forums, keeping clutter of just 2 people away from topics with multiple. However, the only way I have found to activate it is to each send 3 messages in reply to each other, then have the option of messaging. Could you help. If there is no other way, and you are sure of it, still let me know.

PMs have been disabled for now and they just haven’t deleted that option for activating PMs.


Thanks. I hope they will open them soon. For now… LOOPHOLES! :slight_smile:

I mean, you did say

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I don’t think they might ever come back but there might be a slim possibility. I wasn’t there when it happened so idk.


Well, if they were disabled by march, maybe they just are waiting 6 months!

(I Would ping the moderators, but I heard they don’t like to be bothered.)

I wish that, if it WAS just another conversation, they would add a new system. A Messaging system between users for private conversations requiring only 2 people. This would clear up some clutter and off-topic-ness.

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It’s confirmed they won’t be coming back for the safety of the more younger users. They do not want any type of that …thing…happening here. At all.

offtopic for Kosm0-o

who’s your favorite bfdi character?
mine’s Bomby, no hesitation lol


Ok. But isn’t the forums only about 13+? Also, Maybe you can block them.

You’re acting like a 13 year old can’t be in that situation. 13 is young. I’m stopping this conversation now. I don’t think you need further details.

Sorry, but I’m not 13. Bye then.

extremely annoyed inhale
very very annoyed exhale

Ok. Congrats.
Now topic, I close thy! (spell takes 3 hours, make sure not to reply or it’ll cancel the spell.)

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Theres a policy on the forum where if you are under 13, you arent allowed on the forum, similar to Discord’s TOS and Twitter (X)'s TOS.

If you are under 13, you will be banned for years, until you turn 13.

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I know, I read the TOS. I meant over 13, not under. sigh.

Hey! You cancelled the spell!
wait, I just cancelled the spell, and this reply wasn’t even nessesary…


gimkit’ magic thing to close topic oooooooooooo

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