I need help with a reward for something. Read description

I have a hidden path in a forest, and I don’t know what the reward should be for finding it. Any ideas?

What is the game you’re making

It’s kind of a one way out thing. I could make it a weapon maybe?

Perhaps. Maybe a quantum portal?

if your game is a battle or something healing invincibility or an op weapon
if not maybe easier way to earn currency or a lot of it

Nice first post!

Nice first post, @StarWarsNerd! Check out the beginner-must-read and forum-tips for more help. Nice idea!

Maybe have cash, med kits, and a weapon?

(@NavyCatZ thanks a lot)

There is an opportunity to get a regen before this, but good idea.

Ima add a Quantum Portal, 5 Med Packs, and 3000 energy bars (The way you move around.)

this wasnt my first post on this

well it actually might be since they updated it but i have posted many machines on here

You should also add lore if your game has it.

It does have some, I am going to add more in later updates.

what happens in the game

There should be a description somewhere in #creative_showcase in the Gimkit discord.

I titled it “Challenged Rush” or something along those lines, with a demo in the description.

How about a speed upgrade? If you already have speed upgrades, how about an extra speed upgrade?

Maybe the evil eye weapon?

4.00 Set Speed at the end

damage/speed boost definitely