I need help with a ranked system I created!

I created a rank system, but I don’t feel like explaining it, so can somebody jo1n me? (Obviously not sharing codes here, but I was hoping somebody had another website we could share codes on, preferrably “outlook”).

Oh, Maybe this can Help!

I would, but I can’t get on outlook for some reason.

It doesn’t have to be outlook @Crazy

No, it’s more complicated than that @Unit_72. I had to create a specific system for it, but it’s not working. I was hoping somebody could check it out for themselves and tell me what’s wrong.

We could talk through here about what’s wrong with it, because it’s still on topic.

Oh, sorry, if it’s specific, I can’t read your mind. :slightly_frowning_face:

It’s ok. I didn’t mention it. At least you tried to help😊

Can anybody else help me? I released the update and forgot to test it, so I need to make an emergency update before enybody who plays it notices. Ps. I just checked. People have played it! Please help before more people play it!

Is it possible to share a code rq and delete?

No, because it doesn’t fully delete, you just can’t see it scrolling through posts, but you can access it by pressing a grey edit button, like I’m about to do. @CringeKarlScott I somehow am a new user and I don’t have any replies! Everybody knows I’m a regular. I was not demoted either! I have been getting on late at night. I’m trying to fix the issue.

share it on the wixsite
a site that’s literally made for sharing codes


what issue
and that means the mods did personally demote you, interesting(skill issue)
anyways as i said use the wixsite

I can help. can you do padlet or canva?

maybe you can use a magical thing called scope?