I need help with a Flashlight

How can you make it so that if you pickup something your view will largen a little bit but when you don’t have it in your hand (like in your inventory) it makes your view go back to normal (like among us moded flashlights)

Like, a light around the player?

ya! but when you hold something

The only way to accomplish this would be with a large coordinate system which disabled and enabled black square props to give the illusion of a small view range. Then, when the player is holding an item, expand the radius that a prop has to be away from the player before it is enabled.

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You’re going to need a coordinate system

Unless you can make one with triggers, it’ll be pretty inaccurate.

Also, the game-mechanics tag is unused, due to it being able to be applied to anything.

but how would you do that tho… im a picture kind of guy (big words confuse me)

I don’t want to think about it… it’s a complex system and I’m on 2h of sleep right now. Sorry.

Make the coordiante system.

In every grid point, have the prop coverind up that gridpoint deactivate when the player is on that gridpoint.

I would have to think about the upgrade, and I’m making sticks rn.

SO sorry.

A simpler way would be to just have a black barrier cover the whole map, and if you have an item it gets disabled, allowing you to see. It wouldn’t be as perfect, but it is a timesaver. Make sure the barrier is on the above layer and does not block players or projectiles (in all options).
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But you need to deactivate all props within a radius of the player…

Depending on the quality of the coordiate system, this would keep everything but a square around the player invisable.

The view needs to be expandable though…

My way is much more efficient and realistic for a big map.

Your way is more efficient, but it is also a lot less fine.

Either the whole map is visible, or none of it is.

However, it would take a signifigantly shorter amount of time.

You can use a repeater and a checker that checks if a player has the item. If yes, it will broadcast a message to activate the flashlight. A flashlight doesn’t really lights up a map completely, but you can make it so there is one barrier above player, and one barrier below players. They should fill the entire map. The first barrier can be activated on start. When it receives the channel, the barrier above players will deactivate, and the second one can activate. You probably are confused, but the barrier that is above the player makes it completely dark, but the below one makes the player able to see their Gim and props around, but not the terrain. After that, make it so it continously checks if player does not have the item, and the second barrier can deactivate and the first one can activate again.@wild_fox

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Actually, I felt like a I just wrote a whole guide. Should I make a new guide topic?

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Sure, and i can design you a flash light and you can do the coding stuff and make a guide on it

That would be great, but you can’t create items that you can hold your inventory…