I need help with a battle royale map

earlier i let out that my map got deleted, and i need ideas on like the terrain and the props (like what themes)

btw i am doing a battle royale map

Ok, so what was your last map theme? I just don’t want to copy the old map.

just gimkit (emberwall, echo vortex, fishtopia, and alphastar)
can someone try giving me a new theme?

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maybe publish your code on the wix? I cul go in the game and help…or post the code in here: https://padlet.com/JKHACKER/forums-plus-wix-vmu2j3ty3qiyp8ba pass word is Gim

im an anonymous person on that

@Beluga_Whale type WHUT you need in chat there
now back on topic

Do you have a colour theme yet?

use that site @Artemis