I need help with a ball

So, I’m making a minigame where you use a ball device (from Blastball) to gain points. I’m having trouble with individual players gaining points from “getting” inside of the Blastball zone.

So what you would do is make the counter (the one hooked up to the ball capture zone) [1] player-scoped

  1. Thats what I assume you are using ↩︎

Yes. But if an indivisual player hits the ball last and makes it in, how do I track that?

ball capture zone (ball captured) -> counter (increment counter)
Make sure the counter is player scoped [1]

  1. and if you are using a property hooked up to the counter, make that property player scoped aswell ↩︎

Thanks! I’ll try it, but I’ll keep it open, just in case it doesn’t work. It should, though.

did it work? for ur ballls

I’m still messing around with it. Should be there in 10 minutes or so.

:expressionless: (The funny thing is that the emoji is called expressionless)

I’m trying to test it, but it won’t let me “blast.” I’m using a “testing” (common) blaster, like the normal, but it doesn’t seem to work.

It keeps beeping at me, and not doing anything. I think I did something wrong.

Hello? Is anybody there?

Hellooooooooooooooooooo (YES Gimkit)

I’ll try to help…
I haven’t really every used the blastball tho

What is the problem? Are you not able to blast the blastball or is cellofive’s method bit working?

Did you change the zone’s settings to match the ball and not players?

Oh, no. Sorry, I was inactive. I think I found out why. I had the map set to No-Firing…

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