I need help trying to create character designs for my Plants Vs Zombies game

I don’t have any idea how to make any characters besides the pea shooter, which in reality is probably a 6/10.

I asked a couple people to come help you

Thanks, I appreciate it.

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Well what are you on?

What do you mean, what am I on?

Where are you making characters

I’m not understanding what your asking help wth

I’m asking for help if you have any designs you think look good.

he is making barrier/prop art to make plants and zombies from the game plants vs zombies

Yeah that’s what i’m doing. Thanks Kosm0-o.

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which characters? Sunflower, Chomper ,(Ect)

Yeah your good. Just a little misunderstanding.

Any characters really. The only kinda-good character I have is the peashooter.

Does it have to be over a sentry?

No, all I’m asking for is some art. I can do all the coding stuff later.
It can be with props, devices, or anything you think looks good.

This can be Plants, but I don’t know.

Sun flower (I did it over a sentry)

Yeah, probably not. Not like I’m asking how to make this, or even what to make.

hey uh i dont think this should have the ideas tag

correct me if I’m wrong I don’t know much abt tag usage

Yeah, also as far as I know art is only for community guides. For some weird reason that I don’t know

you could use the plant sentrys from one way out as the plants

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