I need help to make it so when someone is out they are a spectator

I’m making a gimnite map but i got inspirred by one i played and in that one when you died you would be a spectator.

Lifecycle, and team manager
Just wire them together

um… what settings do i set it to

Team switcher: Specific team - spectators
Lifecycle: When player knocked out

I was about to say that myself, but that’s correct.

Is there a way to end the game when only one player is remaining, @Crimson_Knight?

Also, what happened to you taking time off?

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yes, just make a live player counter and activate the lifecycle when the counter reaches the target value.
(If that doesn’t work use Knockout manager)

I can’t seem to stop :cry:

LOL :rofl:

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I understand.
I’m addicted to the Wixsite.

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what is a team manager i can’t find it in dvices

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