I need help to make a randomizer system

I need someone to help me make something like a randomizer. See i’m trying to make a game, but once you press the button to start it doesn’t just send you to one certain teleporter, it has a chance to send you to a different one instead of one exact one. Does someone know what I could possibly do?

Well your wires are all (teleport player here), right?

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yes they are all set to spawn here

It only sends me to the first one i put the wire on tho

Have you tried multiple times?

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ya I have I will try a couple more just in case

just tried three more times, still sends to the first wired teleporter

maybe just instead of a button, use a teleporter with A as the target, and all the other ones have A as the base

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ok let me see real quick

If that code is still in use, you need to leave, or cover the code

Is the base the group

no its fine I dont mind

Yeah I think. It’s the main group… that the teleporter is called. The target is where you go when you enter the teleporter.

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What I mean is that it is against the rules to share code (on accident or not, but it is probs on accident, so cover it )


alright let me try real quick

oh it is ok let me reset

Ya it worked thank you for the help The_7th_Dragon

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