I need help to make a map from a game I like

can anyone help me remake a map from a different game?

Sure, as long as you don’t bring up a code, i think i can.

OK, how do I invite you to my map?

I can help too (if you want).

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I will take all the help I can get

Are there any mechanics that you need help with?

I don’t quite understand how to use them yet

i can help too you can post it in code sharing or gimcord

i can help too, what game is it about @Error4O4?

It’s the starting map from changed special

I sent the code to the thing now what?

Where’d you put it?

yea what group

code sharing thing in the other site

i cant see it can you send a link to your post

What do you want us to make?

(everyone the code’s in the code-posting area)


i don’t see it

ok saw it

What do you not understand how to use? What do you want to make?