I need help, there is a knockout bug

Whenever someone oofs, the person who oofed them ends up getting 351 oofs on the leaderboard and they keep getting spammed.

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Try rehost a new match and if that doesn’t work email gimkit at hello@gimkit.com. Because this is a new game mode bugs are bound to happen.


It’s in gimkit creative, it just started happening after the update.

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Are you using a system to check the KOs? Some channels might be interfering with each other and causing recursion.

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the only thing im using is making people who are k/o a spectator, thats it

Can I see your system? Send a screenshot or two please!

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This happened to me on my tag map. I accidentally wired my counter to my property as well as link through channels. I had to look over and refix the system.

Maybe too many wires?
I’ve been here the whoooole time. I justed waited to reply

i barely have any wires

Oh… check the whole system, make sure it is not linked up or transmitting on a wrong/different channel than needed