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How do i make it so when someone leaves or enters a zone before a timer goes off, they die, like in the hunger games


@Vortex-Mist First, you will need to make a timer. Make any type of timer/clock you want (trigger, wire repeater, repeater) and wire it to a counter. The counter should have a starting number of the amount of time you want, and a target of zero. Your clock (with a delay of 1 second) will decrement the counter. Next, put down the zone, can be active on game start or not, depending on your game, but basically, if the player leaves/enters the zone, wire it to a respawner. When the counter reaches it’s target value (zero), it should deactivate the zone.

Hope this helps!


thanks so much! i’m going to try this.

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@Anythinger, after the timer goes off, if you move you re-spawn, even after the zones were deactivated, and only after that you’ll re spawn it’ll let you leave/enter

Hmm…that wasn’t supposed to happen. Are you sure the timer and zone are configured correctly?

let me check

@Anythinger, i just checked and they are, i even made the zones visible in game to see if everything was working right. As soon as i saw them deactivate, i tried to move but it still respawned me.

I’ll try it on my end.

Yeah, that’s happening to me too. I’m not sure why that’s happening.

you could have a counter as a timer and if the player leaves the zone, stop the counter, if the timer hits the target value (or zero) respawn player

nvm @Anythinger, mysz figured it out

Can you mark it as resolved?

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i can? i thought only regulars can do tags @NavyCatZ

No, anyone can do tags on their posts. Regulars can do tags on any post.


oohhh ok

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