I need help recreating something I found

I was just playing DLD, when I got to the second potted plant in the third section, the one where the plant is ever so slightly tilted down. When I jumped on it, I gained TONS of forward momentum. If anyone could replicate this, and become consistent, it could change future platforming maps.

Here is the section:

hi @Coolcaden26 this is skew… well i call it skew but its hard to replcaite dld speedrunners use this. you can do this by landing on the edge of an objects hit box while moving forward max speed falling, its very hard to pull off at low speeds. but if you check out dld speed runs top charts youll see them do it. but im pretty sure if you learn hit boxes and speed you can master skewing

but its nice you pulled it off at no speed ive never seen it

This is called speedboosting, and it’s a well known bug feature in the Gimkit speedrunning community. It’s just precise. Remember that this forum is for GKC only, and not DLD.

ohhhh, this makes sense. I did see my character fall before running and getting boosted.

@ClicClac I was just pointing out that this could be used for creative maps, maybe like Kaizu ver. DLD.

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sorry but they were asking how it happens and how they could do it again. a good place is the beggining the light post facing the oven you can jump and do it and the stone pillars a jump/double jump (can’t look now illgually using the website its blocked at home) but they are all usless spots. you can obtain the speed of the speedboosting at the slide in summit 5 if you can some how keep it

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