I need help please

I’m trying to make a map and when you die you spawn in a different location then where you spawned when you start the game. can you help me please.

Im not quite sure yet but I am doing somthing simulare for one of my maps so try to screw around with team switchers or checkers.

Have one spawner set to a certain team and have that player set to the same team, so when they die they can only spawn at the spicific spawner.

yes that is what I am doing but if you need it so the players dont swap teams then use … sorry what the name of the thing that does stuff when a player… sorry a counter would work I think or respawn mabey

its a plant fighter kinda thing and when the player spawns when they first start the game and when a plant ko’s them then the player teleports somewhere else and not where they first spawn.

They can’t switch teams without leaving and rejoining but then they with only spawn a a different spawner set to thier new team so there is no way to bypass it.

oh so that is gonna screw with infecting

yeah so set the players to team 1 and the plants to team 2, and then set one spawner were you want it and set it to team 1 can only spawn here. So the players can’t kill eachother and they will ALWAYS spawn at that spawner.

Yeah, sorry.

ok i will try that. lets see if it works.

Ok let me know if it does!

i’m trying it but the game makes it random so yes it works but it was random so you can swap teams so it can work the 1st time or the 98th time. i’m not sure how to make it 100% guaranteed

It works, this is how it should look.

I tried this and it works, let me know if it does not work for you so I can help.

im sorry its not working. is there a way you can still help me

Yes can you give me a code on the wix site?

sorry im on a school laptop so it is blocked for me.

Ok so get the following devices; Spawner, respawner, Sentry, and knockout Manager. Then set the Spawner to this:

Then set the respawner to the channel name"Respawn"
Then Set the Knockout Manager to Knockout target-Player, and the Channel name"Respawn"
Then connect a wire from the knockout manager to the respawner, so when target gets knocked out they will repawn.
then spawn a sentry and do not mess with it. then start the game and test.

Let me know if this works @Gizmo2.0.

where do the players first spawn in. Im sorry im bad at this. can I just give you the code here and delete it after you are in so nobody else can get in it.

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