I need help once again lol

How do i make a counter count by itself??

Or maybe like there’s a timer that pops up for everyone?

There are repeaters that can send a message every [#] seconds, and the counter can change when it receives that message. Perhaps you could connect a repeater and a counter (could also connect the repeater to a lifecycle device so that it starts as soon as the game begins), and then have the counter keep track of time?

how would i make it so that you dont HAVE to be in front of the counter to see the time? @Zypheir

Also i did the counter thing and it’s going 2 4 6 8 10

The counter can update a property (you can define one in the settings), and you can use that property for other displays. You might have to use blocks (I haven’t actually tested this myself, but that’s how I would go about doing it), but it’s certainly possible… as for the counters, I’m not sure if there’s still a bug with incrementing - I know there was one when I tried to use it as an experiment for keeping track of flag captures, but I haven’t tested it since then.

If the counter only seems able to count by 2s, then you might have to use blocks and just divide that value by 2… I’m probably not going to be able to test it, but hopefully there’s a solution :]

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ok then thx for the info tho :wink:

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There is a setting in map settings