I need help on weather or not to do a new UI on my map

I am currently making Super Smash Gims map, and I am wondering if I should make a new UI that involves the players voting for which battlefield they want to use.
The old UI just has the host choose the map, and the layers cant do anything about it.
Good- Player gets more voice, more battlefield variation, better experience with map
Bad- Takes up ~6% of map’s mamory, takes ~2 hours to make, I don’t know how to do tiebreakers, and it’s just hard.
I would like some other people’s opinions on this (see poll below). This is not meant as an advertisement please don’t give me a jillian and a half “take this down” messages. Thank you.

  • Do it!
  • Don’t do it.
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your not going to get those messages just messages of the community being unreliable and asking you to do it

can you please vote? pretty please?

I don’t think you will be able to send messages to players playing your game.
The only way you could improve is sending a poll here, stating what you have in your game versus what you plan to have.

I suggest changing the poll to that, if it’s your intention.
Otherwise, you won’t be able to do that.