I need help on vending

Ok. First, make a property(This is the setting of it:
Screenshot 2023-09-05 140012
) called “endurance.” By now you must’ve already added a way to take away energy. (Instead of using a movement meter use a item granter)Thinking you used a item granter, simply set the amount it takes to 0. Next, create a block of code for the item granter and set it to do this:

(Add a repeater and set it to complete a task every .5 seconds(the smallest possible amount) and wire it to the item granter and set it to this: Repeater runs task ----> Run wire pulse block)
Saying you already have a vending machine that gives endurance, wire it to a trigger and set it to this: Item purchased -----> Trigger. Make the settings to this:
Screenshot 2023-09-05 135722
Screenshot 2023-09-05 135736
Now, add a block of code for the trigger and set it to this:
Screenshot 2023-09-05 140137
(Change the 5 to whatever you want the endurance to change by)
And done! Does this work?

That actually sounds a lot simpler than my idea lol.

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Although, your idea uses more repition, mine is more straight forward and has only 1 vending machine.

To elaborate, make the vending machine broadcast to a counter that updates a property. Make the property broadcast to a trigger. In blocks, the trigger should broadcast on:

Convert to Text

“Endurance Upgrade”
[Endurance Property]

The movement meter should receive on the upgrade number.

Mine has 1 vending machine as well.

If @Quehcueh wants to make multiple upgrades for endurance they would need to make multiple vending machines and stuff while mine is only once(unless they want to change the amount that the endurance changes in).

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No mine uses concatenation, so it only needs one vending machine, but multiple movement meters.

Can you help me with this @getrithekd? I need help please

i will try this Thank You :slight_smile:

So Uh what If I am using a movement meter?

Just remove it. Use a item granter and a repeater instead. (If you still just wanna use the movement meter then just do what @getrithekd said)

Well lol Actually I just did something WAY WAY More simple what i did was do a vending machine and two movement meters one higher the other lower in taking energy and i just put that when you buy the vending machine it deactivates the higher movement meter and activates the lower one which is quite simpler but thanq all for your ideas tho! :slight_smile:

I thought the endurance upgrade allowed you to hold more energy.

No, it’s suposed to allow you to lose less energy per tick.

That’s great!

No lol the word endurance means to last longer with littler amount of energy taken means the longer you have energy :slight_smile:

Thanks very Much! I did all of this for My Friend’s Bday Tmrw wish me luck! And well I’ve finally finsished the map after a week of hard work :slight_smile:

Good luck! If you want multiple upgrades, use mine of @VALUEX’s solution. If you only need 1, then use yours.

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