I need help on smth else

how do i make it so that when all team players are killed the game ends

knockout manager connected to a counter connected to an end game device.

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but if it is a counter that would mean that Iā€™d have to set the amount i want but Then everytime i play and there are different amount of players everytime

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let me test something.

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first, make a zone where youwant your plsyers to spawn. next, make a counter. then set the starting value to 1 and the target value 1. After that, make a end game device and wire counter > end game. set the wire to TARGET VALUE REACHED > END GAME. Then you will create a knockout manager and wire it to the counter. set the wire to (target knocked out > decrement counter.) then place a spawn pad in the center of the zone and set the phase of the spawn pad to game. also, connect the knockout manager to a team switcher. select (target knocked out > switch team.) Then set the configured team to spectators. this is so the player switches to spectators ehen knocked out. dont do the team switch device if you already have this.

let me know if there are any problems

Ok thank you very much lol

Wait so this makes it so that after everyone dies the game ends?

acually nvm there were so many things i didnt take into consideration

oof alright then thx tho

Connect a relay that triggers for all plays to a counter. When the relay is triggered, the number of players is added to the counter.

try looking in the community made guide section

A zone is too overcomplicated, you can just connect a knockout manager to a relay to a counter

im sorry im new to this

no worries