I need help on my map AGAIN lol

How do i make it so two people go through the same portal but come out at two different designsted portals

make 2 different portals and when someone goes in it deactivates the portal so they have to go trough the other one and put them on top of each other… maybe this will help

make 2 portals on top of each other and set them to go to different places

yeah, would that work?

Actually to be specific i mesn like about 5 people sre in the ssme room they go through one portsl snd it disperses them (making them come through diff portsls)basically into teams how do i do that?

Or you could have only a certain team go trough one so you can control who goes where!

so like somebody on team 2 will go right and team one will go left

What if at the first location they’re not teams but when they reach the next location they’re teams??

no i meant you should literally put them on top of each other

Oh yeah that makes sense lol i’m such a dummy

i said that don’t take credit

you can also make zones so when someone goes here they become team 2 but the other person could be team 1 and then you can have separate teleporters for team one and two

You could make a relay that connects to a team switcher that randomly chooses to put them on team 1 or 2

Ok but how do i make it that lemme give an example you started off in fishtopia and you are cooperative and then go thru purple cove portal and you’re placed on teams how do i make it do that?

connect a zone to a team switcher and set it: when player enters zone - player switches team