I need help on my fortkit

Hi everyone I need help building my fortkit map in gimkit if you can give me ideas or if your are interested to help me build it let me know and I will respond as soon as i get a chance.


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I see you…plato man I can see you rn plato…

Welcome @platoman !
Could you explain what “fortkit” is?

Can you give an explanation? Is it a map where you destroy the fort?

its fortnigt in gimkit

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@Deathman Please post on topic

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I was Kidding because we are best friends irl.

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Thats nice but you should realy focus on the topic at hand

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both of you stop now

Fine, start mapping out the places on a new map then start decorating. Create a new post when your done

what im only 15 what are you talking about …

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Hey im not feeling good so I got mad because I am not feeling good rn

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Im sorry to you both, for @platoman create the areas in fornite that you remember, or do you want to create from scratch?

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And to @Deathman

Im sorry that I upset you just try not to get of topic,
If you want to chat with him you can use this if its not blocked https://gimkitcreative.wixsite.com/game-sharing

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im sorry we are in school and class.


please stay on topic!

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