I need help on circus

so I need help on making a circus like this
like with a rink in the middle, trapies and all of the things that would be in a circuse. please :slight_smile:

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Add the art tag to this since it relates to art ig.

Need what it needs to look like more and if it needs story or anything.

sorry @JohanGim and @Stealthknight I was inactive for 25 mins, @JohanGim its not art I just need help on how to do it like the traipse and, so like how to make it. @Stealthknight what are you talking about?


a trapese would be easiest in a platformer map

yeah I know, but I think that it should just be sentryโ€™s doing it

use a really thin barrier

ok I will try, any ideas for the rest of the stuff like the little platform in the middle?

most of these things could be made by using props and barriers