I need help on a shop for my blox fruits game

i need help with making a shop type thing where you press a button and a banner will pop up saying “Item - _ cash needed” and you will get the item When you have enough.When you don’t have enough it will say “Unable to buy come back when you have enough money” can someone help me make that?

1: Set the Allow Funding setting to “Yes.”

(You can make the scope player)

(Vending Machine) Attempt To Purchase Failed --> (Popup) Open Popup

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im not using a vending machine

wdym by blocks like block code? cuz if you are that prob not what im talking about i can show some ss on what it should look like

What do you want it to look like?

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you whould go up to it and it will show this
Screenshot 2023-12-16 7.01.08 PM
This will show when you want to view the fruits

and when you don’t have enough it will say this

and if you buy it you will get it

(Button) Button Pressed --> (Popup) Open Popup

(Popup) Primary Call-To-Action Clicked --> (Checker) Run Check

(Checker) Check Passes --> (Item Granter) Grant Item

(Checker) Check Failed --> (Popup) Open Popup

(This is the purchase failed popup)

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what is the checker?

like the checker or the invintory checker

It’s a device.
It’s the Checker, not the Inventory Item Checker Manager.

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didn’t work for me…Idk what i chould be

it kinda worked i did it and i got the item but i didn’t need a certain amount of cash to get it i just got it

How do you do the red green one

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<ins> and end with </ins>

Let’s get back on-topic now.

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no ok


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