I need help on a creative map similar to Farmchain, any ideas?

I just joined this Feb. 17th

I have everything except the water bottle thing!

Like the thing to give the player water?

No, the trash pick up or something like that

The Cursorian Full Farming System Look here, go to water well

All you have to do, is make trash, and when player pressed a button, prop disappear.

Oh, I have it now:) THANKS!!!

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Make sure you mark a solution if found one.

Do you have a creative map I can see in pics?

What type do you need?

Just pick a random one:) Also, if u don’t want to tell me this I %100 understand but do you have the season ticket?

Okay i will get it, and no I don’t have the season ticket

Ok, I was just wondering because I saw all the maps you were doing:)

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I just reused some of the maps I have already made

OK, I just got confused.

What photos do you need me to take? Like, me with the set-up or… what?

Can you send me a showcase?

showcase of what? dkn3kj nfk 20 character limit :frowning:

The Map, you know… settings, showcase!