I need help making like a high security door

so i cant figure out how to make a door with props so i kinda need help

Do you want the players to use a password or…?

i already figured that out just link a button to a questioner thats out of sight im talking about like art with props or barriers and all that

oh you could use those spaceship barriers for some part and then use some metal for the strong door type of look

then maybe i could add a small blue barrier and add yellow circles to act as a keypad

Oh…I not a arty person so ask @Frozen_cursor @Here_to_help @Chong

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im gonna try it out see if it looks good or not if so i’ll mark your post as a solution

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nope barriers were too big and the door just looked like a metal patch

hmm let me try something and cant you resize the barriers?

the minimal size was too big

ok ill try to find something or you could ask someone else

alrighty i’ll try some other things in the meantime

wait this is too big?

Screenshot 2023-09-12 9.38.45 AM

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no im talking about the keypad i tried to make and the metal signs to cover up the barrier looked weird

oh ok lemme try something

maybe recolored resized basketballs could work

maybe so ill try it mk

it looks like this
Screenshot 2023-09-12 9.45.35 AM

well problem i cant move the props above layers for some reason i think its a bug