I need help making finding dad with the milk game

I have been using banners but it wont let me use the banner twice so when I talk to something it makes another banner relpying

Because I need the reply in my game from the m.o.m


I need help for my find the dad with the milk game

what do you mean about m0m and banners?

when you but a message on the screen

tell me your problem as if you were writing a project for school bc you aren’t explaining well

can I put codes?
…for my game

No, that is not allowed.

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ok thanks for helping

dad+milk game? wat

u lost ur dad he left to get the milk

Are you trying to press a button, then when the button is pressed, it brings up dialogue?

Exactly what I’m doing

are you saying you need help with call to action or you want to change a banner after using it once?

I need another message to appear

Ok thanks, your request was not specified.

you can just make it so when the first popup is closed then you open another through wires (to put it simpply)

Okay. Is the dad kind of like the escape hatch in “One Way Out?”

@Unit_72 do u know those go to the movies at 3 am games? I think he is doing one of those