I need help making automatic switching barriers

Iā€™m making a game and was wondering how to make a barrier automatically switch with one another, kind of like in mount snowy.
Host _ Gimkit - Google Chrome 2024-04-19 16-26-59
the attatchment above is what im trying to create :slight_smile:

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use triggers or wire repeaters to form a loop with delays to make a simple repeater and then wire them to the barriers/props you want

use a repeater/trigger/wire repeater.

You can achieve this via two triggers wired to constantly trigger each other, each broadcasting on a different channel. Make half the barriers have settings to deactivate on channel a and activate on channel b, and half the barriers have settings to activate on channel a and deactivate on channel b. After setting that up, place down two triggers, and wire them to each other. The wire setting should be when triggered----trigger. Set the trigger delay to whatever you want, this will be the time each barrier stays active. (aoms uses 3 seconds if I remember correctly). Now make the first trigger transmit on channel a when triggered, and the second trigger transmit on channel b. Lastly, you need something to kickstart the switching. So place down a lifecycle and wire it to the first trigger. That, in theory should make alternating barriers.

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