I need help making an invisibility button that requires a resource to use

I’m making a huge CTF map, and I want to make an invisibility button like in the actual game, but I’m not really good at Gimkit tech, I’m better at decorating and detailing. Can a tech person help out please?

Hmm well you cant make yourself invisible and still be able to move (yet)

Currently not possible. There’s no invisabits in the game yet.

Aw dang ok. I don’t follow news, did they say they were adding on adding it soon?

Um I dont think theyve ever talked about it

Maybe it will be added with the season 3 update. Maybe if your lucky enough. (I think it’s a pretty heavily requested item, so maybe.)


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ok, thanks for the help


How? CtF is one of the first modes in Gimkit and they haven’t applied the whole thing to creative?!

Yeah that’s what I was thinking

yeah, as others have stated, its currently impossible to turn invisible. the closest you can get is by putting a barrier on top of the player on the above layer.

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