I need help making a thumbnail for my game -

setting: space. in the bottom left corner is earth and above earth is a spaceship.
Gims: Astronaut in the top right corner.
Title: Lost in the GimShip
Description: All the robots in GimWorld have destroyed everything in it and you and your teammates will find out where all the Robots came from


Umm I can help you but do we put the description on the thumbnail because I really don’t do that but I’m just asking?

Dont put the description in the thumbnail

i can do one pineapple_1

Thank you for the info I will be back in 30-1 hour bye!

sorry it’ll be done in a day

its ok i will make a poll in 2 days to see whos is better

never mind i got it not that it’s good
Screenshot 2024-05-31 10.31.56 AM


Can I try to make one @Pineapple_1 ?

yeah you can try making one

@Pineapple_1 do you like mine i can update it if you want me to

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Yeah i think its good!!!11

can I make one

Try using remove.bg for the earth. It looks a little wonky with the white background.

yeah you can make one

I’m almost done @Pineapple_1

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I need to post it on my alt account

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ok i cant wait to see it!

sorry i havent replyed. i couldnt find this topicagain until today

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it is ok i cant wait to see which is better